Vote Given for Mayor, 0ct 16th

I believe the election is the perfect time to have a conversation about what kind of city we want to build together. Over the course of the campaign I want to discuss different aspects of what we need to do.

But first, to build anything worthwhile you need to start with a plan. Ideally you'll have a vision of what the final product should look like…

Bill's Vision for Our City

Grande Prairie is a community where neighbours know one another and talk often.

Residents are informed about what's happening in the community & involved in local issues. People who are new to the area are engaged and find it easy to truly become part of the community.

A wide variety of inexpensive local activities make it easy for families to enjoy a healthy work/life balance and maintain healthy & active lifestyles. It's easy & safe to get around the city on foot, by bike, bus or car.

An expanded Muskoseepi park is the emerald jewel in the city's crown of parks, open spaces and natural areas.

Unless they are heading out to enjoy the beautiful wilderness or our region, residents find that they rarely have to leave the city because all the services they need - health care, education, programs for youth and shopping - are here.

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The city is a safe and affordable place to live with a diverse economy that is more than just oil and gas. New types of businesses are opening, established businesses are expanding.

Downtown is the funky and vibrant heart of the city where people live and the community comes together to enjoy festivals, culture and shopping.
Grande Prairie Regional College has doubled in size and delivers a variety of degrees of it's own and in partnership with other schools. 

The City of Grande Prairie is a provincial leader in government transparency and citizen engagement.
The City leads by example when it comes to the environment; it's operations are carbon neutral and it is increasing it's use of renewable energy.

The City is recognized as a leading advocate on the provincial scene for the issues facing our community and NW Alberta.


After reading, please join the conversation by leaving your comments, ideas and suggestions - and share with your friends.